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>> chair kim: good afternoon. welcome to our regular rules committee for november i am joined to my right by vice chairkz;t#oñ supervisor ferrell. and we will be joined by supervisor@oju]?v campos. the committee would like tosi$b acknowledge the staff at sfgtv,l
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>jennifer. >> linday> chair kim: thank you. please call item 1. >> linda wong: hearing to consider appointingz(gxóg"ñ oner term ending march 31, 2014,qñe1 the commission on the aging advisory council. there is#co÷xy one seat vacant. >> chair kim: katherine rose russo, please come up. this format will stay the same, also for item 2 which is the veterans affairs commission. we ask you to briefly talk about your experience as it relates to the position for which you are appointed to or which you are applying to. if we have questions we will ask
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them and also priorities and goals you would like to set out if appointed to this body. >> my name is katherine russo. this is a reappointment to the advisory council on the commission on aging. obviously, my age, i qualify as a senior to serve on it. my background, i've been a jer entolling. i try to be active on different community committees because as a member of the advisory council, it is my responsibility to be aware of the needs and questions and occurrence of seniors, and people with disabilities in the area where y live. and i try to keep that responsibility in mind. i'm
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is california meeting of representatives from all the and i'm our representative on that. months./npbwejñ and i've really enjoyed the time on the.pd7- committee. we give advice to both the commission and the department of aging. knowing what's going on, and letting them know. >> chairgmñ? kim: thank you. and by the way, thank you for correctingcbñ?ñ? me, this is a reappointmentybñbx by sean le d burn. we have no questions so we'll open it up for public comment. if there is public comment for this item please step up. seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor ferrell. >> supervisor farrell: i want to thank you for coming forward and for your service and for
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what is going to be hopefully your continued'r67d)> chair kim: we have a motion, and we can do that without opposition. thank you. >> thank you. >> chair kim: madam clerk, can you please call item 2. >> linda wong: hearing to considering appointing three 31, 2016 to the veterans.qñ?ñ? s commission. there are three seats and eight applicants. >> chair kim: three seats and eight applicants. is that1÷ñ?ñ? correct? >> linda wong: that's correct. >> chair kim: thank you. so we will be hearing the applicants in the order that you are listed on our agenda today. so we will begin with anthony ay
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alfidii. prepare to come up front. and we have a number of great9-] applicants. i just want to say in advance, thank you so much. it's so great tokeññcec@ have sh interest in our veteran affairs commission because it is a very important body in the city and county of san francisco, and in particular as we have more veterans coming to the city and county, we certainly want to make sure that we are able to have a strong body that's available to advise the city on what we can do to assist our veterans who have served this country so graciously. i want to thank everyone1"58y ts applied. it will be a difficult decision for this committee because there are only three seats open. i want to thank you in it advance. i will call anthon anthony alfi. >> linda wong: he indicated he does not wish to seat for reappointment, and therefore he wishes to withdraw his application. >> chair kim: i missed that note.
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we will move on to lee burnette and creighton reed who has let us know he will not be able to be here today. mr. burnette. thank you. it's the same format as with the previous item. >> okay. hi. i am lee burnette. i'm a veteran and a student at city college. i served five years in the navy. moved here to start school, and actually i've been very surprised and happy with san francisco. it's one of the most veteran friendly towns i've been to and i appreciate that. i feel i'm good for the position because since i've been at city college, i was elected the veterans club alliance. i was elected one of the officers there. and basically with that, we do
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pretty much everything, helping veterans get contacted into medical care, their education, housing, everything, even their finances, and things. so that's a big issue. also, i'm a volunteer at david chiu's office. and when i met david, he told me i could work on a passion project. honestly the biggest thing in the city and this state, you know,ñ?ñ? since the wars have started, we've had mor?ñ?ñ vets coming home and committing suicide thanúçñ?ñ? dying overse. so i've actually joined a3sñ?ñ nonprofit called life for veterans, and that's -- what we want to target is not just helping veterans when they call in, not jump off the ledge, but also giving them outlets and jobs, and housing. so we've made a couple of contacts in napa valley and we
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have wineries that are going to be supplying housing and job training for these veterans. so it's more than just -- more than just therapy. that's what i feel i can bring to the commission. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you very much. creighton did let us know he would not be here, in case he's here. not seeing him. david adams and mary tramil. >> thank you for having me here today. i started out as a kid in the boy scots and also house of -- and auction i wil auxilliary coh school. i started out with the public leadership and went into the army for six years. i came to san francisco, been
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i am on post 34. 6?ñ? i used to be on sunday for veterans to come and eat and get clothing. and been promoted to provostá?? marshal. third semester, i'm a police officer there. the other thing is i volunteer at sfpd 12 hours a week. these things show people that -- in the community, also a person that has good leadership)q÷ñ potential. my interest in this board is to of course keep my contacts,cexxd assure veterans in san francisco lot of people that come in. sometimes they're on drugs or
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whatever, they need leadership. and içlñ?ñ? usually suggest to m the÷eñ?ñ? palo alto clinic. i have two veterans down there .ñ?ñ?one gentleman went down, ht cleaned up, and is living in a successful community based organization right:tñ?ñ?ñ now. so i think it's great. i'm really happy toxññ?ñ? be he. i've been active with the veterans affairs for about a to implicate and i just need more time. so basically just wanted to thank you, and thank you for your time. >> chair kim: thank you, mr. adams. thank you for your application. mikel matto. afternoon. you so much for consideringbá"ç0ãme. i have two items that i'd likegñ
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to talk just a little bit about. i am a marine corps veterans, who joined in the state oftyñ?ñ? indiana, and i have 15 years with the city. i guess i should ask a question. can you work full time for the city and seven on the commission too? i don't want to tie up your time. >> chair kim: my understanding is that you can, but we can certainly ask our city attorney, mr. givner. thesiñ?ñ? question being, can yk full time for the city and county and still serve on the veterans affairslzñ?ñ? commissi. if we can confirm that. >> cityyñ?ñ? attorney: yes. >> we'll go forward then. i would like to serve on the commission becausex[ñ?ñ?ñ the if not having joined the marine corps in san francisco, the years that you serve on active duty, cannot be credited towards
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your retirement. well, my issue with1]iñtñ thatt when i served on active duty, i served right along with san francisco marines, and we had the same duties, responsibilities. and this was the united states ??ñ?ñ? joined. so i would like to present that issue to perhaps this commission, maybe the board of supervisors, so÷lñ?ñ? that peopo work for the city, who did not join san francisco -- join the service in san francisco, could get consideration, because we fought, or whatever we did in the service. and this is what i did in the marine corps. my second issue is i'd like to see just a little for veterans coming out of the military, not only veterans
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coming out of the military, but also homeless veterans, and veterans coming5wñ?ñ? out of pr. before i came to2s5cdt$@v the ci worked for the -- as a jobs developer working in a 26 construction apprenticeship programs. so i worked a lot with ex-offenders, people coming out of prison and wase=(ñr in jail d was able to get those people in the 26 trades actively working. that's been 20 years ago. and i still run into some of them today who are now foremen on the job, teaching at apprenticeship school. so when i say do just a little bit more, i used to visit the division of apprenticeship standards because they were sort of the consultants, the police of the apprenticeship programs they would say why do you just concentrate on the 26 construction trade
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apprenticeship programs in the state of california and i can tell you that you don't have program. i said well i can easily answer that question. i don'tcbñ?ñ? work for myself, k for someone over at the community based organization and working with the 26 building trade?qñ?ñ? apprenticeship prog. but even with that assignment, that was a tremendous amounte;ñf work. don't mind. atalñ?ñ least i don't mind. the consult tenants would point out to me that we have over 400 programs in the state of california, you shouldn't just focus on the construct) ñ?ñon trades. you ought to tell the director to look at some of thesejpñ?ñ? r apprenticeship programs because some areañ?ñ? just as lucratives the 26 trades. when i say let's do a little bit more i'm talking in terms maybe people -- and they could be san francisco employees, who work for the city, somebody like
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me for example, that could maybe talk to someone tod$éa:q=ó[ lo, let's do just a little bit more? and help these veterans find work, whenhuñ?ñ?ñ they're cominf the military because at the military relief centers, they give you your paperwork and then they ask you if you want to become a reservist. and that's it. so it could be somebody working at the military relief centers and say look we've got a number of apprenticeship training programs here that you can go into, or if you want to use your moneys that you saved up while you're in the military to go to clem, a four year university, you can@ñ?ñ? do that as well buu have people who want to go straight to work, particularly those with families to raise. so if this commission could have a conversation about just a little bit more that you can do
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to help the veterans coming out of the military, the veterans who are homeless, and the veterans coming out of the prison, i think san francisco could be the vanguard, as far as that is concerned. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you. you also wrote that you are the treasurer of your neighborhood homeowners association. what neighborhood is that? >> bayview hunters point. >> chair kim: thank you very much. next, i'd like to call up mikel matto and john gallagher. and i didn't announce this foró? our first couple of applicants, but i noted that we only have one applicant for seat six, which requires an individuals=ñ? with a physical disability. but if you would li3úñ?ñ?e to identify as an individual physical disability, it would be helpful for this city as well.
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we have mikel. he's not here. john. >> i'm john gallagher. service connected disabled vetera8ñ?ñ?n. got out of the marine corps, discharged honorably. i began working at a work study, i worked at the v.a. clinic, working there for a year, moved over to the vet center, which is in chico, california from 2002 thosenlñ?ñ? very experiences -- 2003 i worked foñ a veterans executive committee for rehabilitative services. we're a small shelter only housing five to six veterans at a time. i did case management, did my
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bachelor's degree in social work and my honors project was near homeless veterans in northern california and we received a grant to receive funding when we grew to a shelter the size of 30 bedrooms which exists today. in 2005 i graduated, and worked at county veteran service office in nevada for about six months as a part time temporary worker as a veterans claim representative. up in -- veterans service office for a year and in 2007 i began in veterans county service office here as a claims representative full time and that's what i've gone doing ever since. what i bring is a wide range of experience for services from northern california which is where the majority of veterans come from, and they experience anything from mental health care, to claims, pensions, disabilities, education,
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housing, shelter. because i've been there, doing z#kuwork. am waiting. i've been doing it every day, since i've gotten out. i work closely with everybody here in the room, and anybody that works with veterans, one hour a week, 10 hours a week, 50 hours, whatever they end up doing. hope i can get on the commission, maybe bring something from inside of doing the work every day that might implement programs that make it better for veterans here. >> chair kim: thank you so much, mr. gallagher. next, we have michael maffei. is michael in the room? okay. >> michael called and said he -- public comment? >> chair kim: we will open it up for public comment. he had not informed our office that he would be here late. so it would have been helpful if he

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